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Name:Silverstreaker and Sunstorm
Designations: Silverstreaker and Sunstorm.
Genders: Femme and mech respectively.
Age: Third upgrade (teenagers).
Alternate Modes: Lamborghini Countach and Ford Mustang.
Silverstreaker - Seemingly the complete opposite of her brother, Silverstreaker would rather fight and show she's just as strong as her twin. But if faced with a bad situation, she freezes and looks to Sunstorm for help.
Sunstorm - Strong-willed and a typically calm disposition, Sunstorm isn't above playing pranks with his sister or getting into trouble any way he can. Stressful or bad situations piss him off and he would rather fight, violently if necessary, than let anything stand in his way.

[This is a role-playing journal for the original character twins Silverstreaker and Sunstorm for Transformers Generation One, AU.]
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